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3.11.21 DGB Board Meeting Minutes

Posted May 16, 2021


  • Clifford Smith
  • Carl McGirt
  • Stewart Garner
  • Christian Smoke
  • Benjie Spence
  • Chelsea Brewton
  • Chris Pierce

Spring Fling March 13th

Stewart brought the discs (100 total). The trophies are supposed to be at Chris P’s on Saturday. The trophies are for all amateur divisions- 1st place only. Discussion of players pack components and logistics. 2 FREE CTPs for AMS. Cash drawer, checks, course markings. Benjie will walk the course and do markings.


Paypal has not approved our new documentation. If this round of documentation doesn’t work then we need to get a CP 575 from the IRS. Disc golf scene utilizes paypal. Discussion of Venmo.

Women’s League

Chelsea to rotate keeping score with Anna Pinter, utilizing Cliff’s spreadsheet. Benjie will bring cash box and CTP flags to tournament Saturday morning to hand off. Plan is once a month for women’s league currently.

Inverness League Recap

38 tags sold

League Start Dates:

  • James/ Inverness - April 5th
  • Clifford/ George Ward - April 7th
  • Benjie/ Trussville - Not decided

Upcoming Tournaments:

  • May 1st- Charity Tournament -Dogs of Disc Golf Birmingham Calendar (fundraising idea)
  • July 17, 2021 – Double Sanctioned Summer Sizzler
  • October 23, 2021- Fall Mini #1
  • November 13, 2021- Fall Mini #2
  • December 11, 2021- Christmas Classic

GW-We have ordered new locks + keys for all baskets. Keep spares available.

Jason White is going to run the summer league at Ferus. It will likely be on Thursday nights, flex starts.

Highschool Youth Play

Austin Markham - Benjie will talk to him reagarding Shelby county schools. Birmingham area schools we need a contact. Get schools to buy in so we can have interschool play. Club can host a high school tournament- with different divisions.

Inverness Tee Signs

Michael accepted half payment, and sent the files for Stewart to review again. Stewart will send to Christian and Benjie for another set of eyes.Carl will communicate with Jeff Wetjen on city to help dig tee signs.

Fresh Air Farms Project

Bluff Park 9 holes going in for kids play. Chris is getting ready to quote baskets and signs as there are 30 acres of land unused that they may be open to us putting a course in. Discussion ongoing.

Red Mountain

They gave us a slow no, but if we can fund it they seem more open. We need to see the area, first. We can start with baskets, flags, and labor. Over time we can add and build out.

Next Meeting early April – the 6th or the 8th.

Adjourned- 6:50PM

4.8.21 DGB Board Meeting Minutes

Posted May 16, 2021


  • Carl McGirt
  • Stewart Garner
  • Christian Smoke
  • Benjie Spence
  • Chelsea Brewton
  • Chris Pierce


  • Clifford Smith

Adopt A Hole

Do we want aluminum or plastic signage? Simple message- This hole adopted by The __________Family. Approve the cost through the group before we order them.

Inverness Tags

50 more tags have been ordered. Invoice sent to Christian. Do we need more tags for any of the leagues? Do we need more tags for George Ward? Order another 50 for GW. Save on shipping.


Money collected/ owed back to the club. Carl is owed money- $100 for supply purchase. Stewart is whole. Money owed from alternate payments accepted from spring sling and bag tag at GW?

June 12th -The Longest Drive Charity Tournament

Need Chris help with design of shirt and cover photo, event promotion. Order discs now. Stewart to TD. Chelsea to do logistics otherwise. Ideas: Dunking club members in the tank. Have a raffle. Rollers eligible for the long drive and a target. Carl has a basket with a small defect that we can give away at the tournament. DD Iron City can get stuff wholesale. Other donated items with a list.

Magic City Mega Bowl Hole Sponsorship

Yes. Discussion of club involvement with upcoming tournaments and support of Ben in proposed tournament bids is also a yes.

Ben wants to put in bid packages to request to run a major tournament. He wants to know what we want to put up, and support it. He is thinking two masters and a women’s tournament.

Inverness Tee Signs

Still working to finalize the design. Chris and Christian to review the design.

TDs for Upcoming Tournaments and Planning

June 12th- Charity Tournament- The Longest Drive

Stewart to be TD. Need to order the discs now. Chris to connect Chelsea to an artist for stamp design.

July 17th- at George Ward

Chris to be head TD with Benjie assisting. Do 24 hole layout? Will we cap the number of participants? Add a position D to each

October 23- INDIGO Tourney

Stewart to TD

November 13th- At Gardendale

Benjie as head TD with Carl assisting.

December 11th

Christmas Classic at Trussville with two pools.

Conversation around the back 6

Carl has been working on cleaning these holes up. Do we want to do turf on the teepads or do concrete? How do we get more people to play these holes regularly? Carl is going to price concrete. Chris has the pricing for turf.

2.18.21 DGB Board Meeting Minutes

Posted March 8, 2021


  • Chelsea Brewton
  • Stewart Garner
  • Carl McGirt
  • Benjie Spence
  • Clifford Smith
  • Christian Smoke
  • Chris Pierce


Future Putting Leagues at Ferus- Consider hosting another putting league at Ferus during a warmer weather season. Talk to Ben Swam about Mega Bowl payouts or party being held there.

Adopt a Hole Implementation- 2 years. Right of first refusal for your hole. We will get plaques with adoptee’s name for each tee sign -affixed. Reach out to falling putt to handle. Chelsea compiling spreadsheet.

Charity Giving from PDGA Sanctioned Events- PDGA takes their cut of charitable proceeds. An unsanctioned tournament fun ideas bring out folk. We may do one in May?

PayPal- To finish the setup we need the letter from the IRS reflecting the 501 c7 status.  Stewart will reach out to IRS if we can’t locate past documentation. In the meantime utilize PDGA paypal set up.

Hole sponsorships: Launch basket wrap and tee- sign idea from last year. Chris P will do the mock up.

Inverness T Sign Discussion: Pay half now and half when we get the designs. Ready to wrap up project.

Club to pay taxes for the 1099 on the entry fees that run through non-club paypal.

Bag Tag Tourneys: Scoring, Running, Season

  • Cliff is going to do manual scoring for his GW bag tag, February 21st
  • Benjie is doing February 28th for Trussville
  • James Hopkins will run Inverness league on March 7th at 1:30pm
  • March 14th is the Women’s Bag Tag- $5 tag @ GW

March 13 Spring Sling

  • T-Shirts-?
  • Players Packs- custom disc + mask /gaiter
  • We are going to do a payout at 45%. Payout for the top 3 players.
  • Patches can be purchased- Chris P to price
  • 100 gaiters- Chris P will tell us cost.


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