09 Feb

Teepad Tuesday 2/9/2016

It’s #TeepadTuesday ! It’s a nice slightly uphill shot that is a thing of beauty if you hit the line right. Fade early left and you’re headed down the mountain. You don’t wanna be down there. Trust me. What are you throwing here? #discgolf

26 Jan

Teepad Tuesday 1/26/2016

Its #TeepadTuesday ! Pretty straightforward here. You just have one option throw it straight up the middle with a nice, predictable finish. What are you throwing here? #discgolf #discgolfbham

19 Jan

Teepad Tuesday 1/19/2016

It’s #TeepadTuesday ! A nice slow turnover should do the job on this slight downhill shot (RHBH). Trouble awaits on both sides of the fairway, but the right side is much worse. Go too far right and you run the risk of your disc found going down an enormous hill. #disc #discgolfbham

12 Jan

Teepad Tuesday 1/12/2016

It’s #TeepadTuesday ! Pretty straightforward here; just a nice slight uphill shot. Go left early though and a pile of debris awaits you leaving some tricky footing for your recovery shot. #discgolf #disgolfbham

15 Dec

Teepad Tuesday 12/15/2015

It’s #TeepadTuesday ! A long fun downhill tunnel shot for hole 5 blue. An OB road awaits you just before the basket. Go big and try power it all the way or play it more conservative? What are you throwing here?

08 Dec

Teepad Tuesday 12/8/2015

It’s #TeepadTuesday the #ChristmasClassic2015 edition ! Hole 13 C (long) pin. Go the shorter left route and tricky OB awaits you. Or go right to the bigger landing zone but contend with the longer upshot. That creek is a disc magnet! What are you throwing here? #discgolfbham

01 Dec

Teepad Tuesday 12/1/2015

It’s #TeepadTuesday ! A solid forehand for a righty or a straight up hyzer for a lefty will do the trick. Basket area is sloped so a roll away can occur. What are you throwing here? #discgolf #discgolfbham

24 Nov

Teepad Tuesday 11/24/2015

It’s #TeepadTuesday ! Two fairways and plenty of shot options on this massive par 5 915ft hole. Do you go left or right? What are you throwing here? #discgolf #discgolfbham